Air Asia X Preparing to Expand Routes Into Indonesia

Airline AirAsia X, AirAsia Group Berhad Malaysia, Indonesia targeting particular flight from Ngurah Rai airport in Bali and Jakarta Soekarno Hatta.

AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman Rani said it was ready to Fly Indonesia as the ASEAN Open Sky policy began in 2015.

“I think, very promising aviation market Indonesia, especially Jakarta and Bali. Lot of the people in Asia who are interested in coming to Bali.

He added that Asean Open Sky policy will open opportunities for Indonesian fly, ie, in 2015.

“We’re getting ready, so the Open Sky began in 2015, we’ve been able to go in Jakarta and Bali. Currently we are expanding the number of fleets.

He explained that in 2015 will operate a minimum of 30 units of aircraft, means it will increase almost three-fold from the current 11 aircraft still.

According to him, the presence of AirAsia X in Jakarta and Bali will not overlap with each group, AirAsia Indonesia. AirAsia X will be pendukun Indonesia AirAsia to fly such long routes to Shanghai, Jeddah, Sydney, and others.

“AirAsia X was indeed a special unit for the group AirAsia long-haul flights.

Later AirAsia Indonesia will be helped by the presence of AirAsia X, we will support each other among fellow group.

He explained that passengers from Indonesia to contribute 8% -9% for AirAsia X, based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Most passengers come from Bandung, Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya.

“In Surabaya many people of Chinese descent, so much to fly to China by using AirAsia X.

Hip Hot – Women’s Fitness

Hip Hotprovides Franchise / business opportunity in Indonesia in Women’s Fitness Industry. Established in 2006, Hip Hot introduces a uniquely-concept fitness center to Indonesia and the world.

The entire gym is created for female only. The machines that Hip Hot design and manufacture itself are made without weights to be as safe and friendly as possible for female users.

After opening its doors in early 2007, Hip Hot quickly captures the attention of the crowd as well as being featured in several national and regional fitness media in Indonesia. Members who workout regularly with Hip Hot’s formula have been able to lose more weight effectively. They also complain less about pains and muscle crams that might be caused by working out with weights in traditional fitness centers.

The unique concept gives Hip Hot an edge to the Indonesian market, as it does not compete directly with other traditional fitness centers available around. The cost to establish a Hip Hot outlet is also only a fraction from setting up most traditional fitness centers today, resulting in a faster payback period for its investors. The initial paid-up capital includes fitness equipments and training, making it an easy turn-key business package for its franchisees.

Location Requirements:
- Minimum Net area of 60 m2
- Minimum of 2 toilets / showers / changing rooms
- Adequate”>car parking lots
- Commercial / residential area
- 2 working phone lines

Estimated Investment : Rp. 200 – 400 Million

Boss for yourself Yourself

Often we imagined owning your own business and how good it feels to be the boss . According to data from the site , every year there are one million new businesses are launched , but 85 percent failed and closed in less than five years . Actually there are some indicators that can show whether you can be an effective business owner . To find out, Robin Ryan , a career consultant , suggest you answer the following questions .

Are you a beginner ?
Should have the intention to start a business from your own , instead of telling other people . Well , if you people who want to start something new , and get everything set up small things ?

Could face financial risks ?
In business there are always ups and downs and cycles , as well in terms of profits . Once the business started , you must be prepared for operational expenses to be borne before inclusion .

Got a business skill ?
You must be adept at luring consumers . Loyal customers and new ones are the lifeblood of the business continuity . Therefore, you should master these skills , including accounting , planning , operations , sales , and customer satisfaction , to stay afloat .

Have enough stamina
Have my own business means ready to work hard . Can you work 12 hours every day of the week ?

Motivated on achieving certain
Many successful entrepreneurs who can happiness of ” victory ” in running the business . Ups and downs in achieving success is considered as a challenging game . They find it fun . People in this type have the desire and passion to be the first .

Are you a decision maker ?
Business owners are required to be ready to make decisions quickly and independently . You must be ready to examine everything possible to minimize the risk and pull the trigger soon .

Could face a variety of personalities ?
An entrepreneur must build a network with a variety of human nature and personality , including customers , staff , banks , vendors , to accountants . Your success dealing with various personality types that will determine the success of the business .

Ready to no income ?
Make a detailed list of the important need to start your business . Create a separate budget with family living expenses and profit projections set . Do not expect a profit doubles in a new venture to grow , because it’s separated family financial planning in anticipation of failure .

Job Opportunities Available After Financial Training and Accountancy Training

Adequate financial and accountancy training will open up many job opportunities to students all over the world. The kind of jobs that you can get if you train yourself in these fields will be lucrative and satisfying. You can get the opportunity to work in banks, agencies, financial institutions and many other types of businesses or organizations. The kind of job opportunities available will depend on the level of training you obtain. For example, you can get entry-level positions in finance and accounting after getting a certificate. For more advanced levels of employment, you can get training that will lead to bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in finance and accounting. The jobs that you can get after these training programs include the following.

• You can become a personal financial adviser. This is one of the career fields experiencing the fastest growth. Statistics predict that there will be a thirty-seven percent increase in personal financing jobs from now until the year 2016. To get the best opportunity in this role, you should consider obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance.

• You can become a certified public accountant after accountancy training. Accounting jobs are always in demand and most of them require that students get a bachelor’s degree at least. The corporate world offers the most accounting jobs because government regulations require the strict reporting of financial figures that are important in tax collection and returns. Accounting is necessary for the success of all businesses for it enables them to know the profit or loss that the business has made, how much to pay employees in terms of salaries, wages and benefits and other essential calculations.


• The other job that you can hold after financial and accountancy training is auditing. You will need to get two to four years of training in auditing and this will open job opportunities with government agencies and companies.

• You can become stockbroker and trader on behalf of clients because you will be knowledgeable about investing in various financial products.

• The other position you can get is a corporate treasurer where you can be in charge of maintaining or improving the finances of the company that will employ you.

• You can also become an investment banker after financial and accountancy training. Investment bankers work as financiers for companies, government agencies and many other institutions.

• This training also gives you the opportunity to become a commodity broker where you will have the necessary knowledge to help you assist clients in selling and buying physical commodities.

• Financial and accountancy training will also enable you to do investment analysis. This involves performing research to gather information necessary for knowing the investment opportunities available to investors.

• You can become an investment fund manager by giving your clients the information that will help them make good decisions on where to make investments.

• You can also put up your own accounting and financial services firm after acquiring enough experience in these fields.

You have a large option of jobs to take after completing financial training and accountancy training. However, to get the best professional job in these fields, you will have to compete with many other graduates with degrees in finance and accounting. It is advisable that you look for the jobs that you can get with your qualifications and then find ways to advance your career gradually.

Achieving STRATEGIC FIT and scope in the SUPPLY CHAIN

The company’s competitive strategy defined set of customer requirements that sought to meet needs through product, Depending on its competitors.
Enterprise value chain starting from the development of new products, by creating a specification for the product. Marketing and sales generate demand through the publication of the priorities of customers with products and services that satisfy.

Marketing also bring customers back to the development of new products. With the new product specifications, operation transform inputs into outputs to create the product. Distribution also bring products to customers or bring customers to the product. Services respond to customer demand during or after the sale. This is a core function or process that must be done to Achieve a successful sale. Finance, accounting, information technology, and human resources to support and facilitate the parts of the value chain.

To implement the company’s competitive strategy, the whole function is to play their respective roles and must develop its own strategy. Here, the strategy is defined as each process and function of Whether that will try to do well.

Product development strategy is defined by setting a new product portfolio that will be the company trying to develop. Marketing and sales strategy defined by specifying how the market will be divided, and how the product will be positioned, priced, and Promoted. Supply chain strategy is defined by the nature of the procurement of raw materials, transportation of materials to and from the company, products or operations to improve services, and distribution of products to customers, and after-sales service will be handled alone or be outsourced to other more competent parties.

Strategic fit means that the competitive strategy and value chain have the same goals. This means that the consistency between the customer priorities that are expected to be met by the competitive strategy and value chain capabilities that can be built with the supply chain strategy.
Strategic fit is Achieved in three stages, namely:

1. Understanding the customer and supply chain uncertainty.
First, companies need to understand the needs of customers in each segment and uncertainties faced supply chain needs. This need to help companies find cost desire and demand for services. Uncertainty in the supply chain helps companies identify the level of disability prediction of demand, disruption and delays should be prepared by the value chain.

2. Understanding supply chain capabilities.
There are several types of supply chains, each designed for a different task implementation. Companies should understand to do what the supply chain.

3. Achieving strategic fit.
If there is no comparable competition between supply chains with customer needs, the company will also set back the supply chain to support the competitive strategy or changing competitive strategy.

The bottom line:

The first step in Achieving strategic fit between competitive and supply chain strategy is to understand the customer and supply chain uncertainty. The uncertainty of the customers and the supply chain can be combined and mapped to the spectrum of uncertainty.
The second step in Achieving strategic fit between competitive and supply chain strategy is to understand the supply chain and mapping the spectrum of responsiveness.
The final step in Achieving strategic fit is a fit between supply chain responsiveness with the uncertainty of demand and supply. The design of the supply chain strategy and functional all at the company should be Able to support the level of responsiveness of the supply chain.

Scope of strategic fit are functions that exist in the company and the steps that are appropriate to find a relationship strategy with the goal. Internal company scope of strategic fit at this point is important Because The competition within the company with the company has turned into a competitive supply chain with the supply chain to another.
Co-workers in the company’s supply chain will Determine the success of the company. Internal company scope of strategic fit requires an evaluation of each action on a company in the entire supply chain. This scope extends to all steps in the supply chain.

Blogging raised Career

Everywhere you look , at least there will be a person who holds a BlackBerry or mobile phones that can surf . Not surprisingly , social networking applications on the internet so many followers . Not to mention the blog provider of land which became the outpouring of the heart and as a show of skill for free .

Blogs have a very diverse uses . Function as a virtual diary , where shows shots , showing art creations , share information , even with people others . Do you already have a blog ? If not , most likely you missed one thing that could be an opportunity to jump-start your career .

Why blog ?

Blogs are a very good tool for someone who is looking for a job , including the fresh graduate . Because the blog to be a place to pour and store the work in digital form . For example , where you save the posts , shots , even work there . In addition you can demonstrate your ability , keep the work as well as proof that you are not clueless . Two things are necessary to compete in today’s technological world . However, it should be considered and ascertained that the blog reflects the results show that you are professional, not a very personal blog and its contents about the hobby and the words that are not polite .

How to give to prospective employers ?

One of the things that want to be known by the company before providing jobs to job seekers is what is unique about you ? If you already have a blog that many people visit and read , this could be your key value . You can promote it during a job interview , for example , ” blog which I have personally developed , it contains my views about the economy , and how to get out of a tricky financial situation . Currently there are more than 700 readers who always read my blog . ”

Or an easier way is to include your blog address in your resume , with a brief translation of the contents of the blog . You do not need to be someone who is highly skilled to be able to write on the blog , do not try , and do not pretend to be an extremely skilled as this can be dangerous . Recommended , blog to pour out the contents of your mind that is not offensive or others . You can start to write about something you like or related to your career .

Beginner Tips of Business

Do not be afraid to fail when just starting a business . Importantly confident , and keep dreaming !

Why do many people now choose to open their own business started ? Certainly a lot of reasons that lie behind them . One of these factors is increasing demand , as price increases in all areas .

Nevertheless, according to Arsiyanti Fauziah , SE . MM . Dip IFP , Personal Adviser at First Principal Financial Services Fiancial , desire is not only motivated entrepreneurship economic factors alone . ” Those who want to live well even entrepreneurship because they want to actualize themselves , without the need to leave the family by working outside the home , ” said the woman who is often called Zizi ‘s .

For example , a woman who had long been working in an office , felt his career was growing , and he was tired of staying at home if only to take care of the child. Well , with entrepreneurship , ” he became more open , intelligent manage money , can find the target market , know how to promote , even make their own products . Developed he became more than ever . ”

Of Business So Hobbies
However , Zizi added , could be someone great career , but he needed another challenge beyond the routine , and then decided to entrepreneurship . ” By working in an office , he has a net working good . This could be the capital when deciding entrepreneurship , so he had a lot of clients . ”

Other factors are also often used as an excuse to entrepreneurship , which is a hobby . ” Many people are finding inner satisfaction with entrepreneurship that is based on his hobby . ” In addition , the child factor was usually the reason women decide to entrepreneurship . However , Zizi warned , though can be taken care of their own children , to stay focused with all of its business in order to run smoothly .

Then , any attempt to do at home ? According to Zizi , various attempts to do. Open private lessons , salon , spa , massage and aromatherapy , received stitches , opened a boutique , cafeteria , catering , and make cakes , and even create a website or blog . Here are tips from Zizi , which must be considered when going to start a business for beginners :

1 . Have a Dream !
Dream become a successful businessman , had a lot of money , can foreign holidays and places eksoktis , or do not have to think about work anymore because we have a lot of money . Then imagine , where the money can flow into your account , or of any effort to be successful . Is going to be a restaurateur , garment , or other ? Think clearly , and as detailed as possible . All based on the success of the dream . So , do not be afraid of imagining or dreaming .

2 . Obesi and Hobbies
What the hell is your hobby ? Cooking , sewing , or teaching children ? Well , you should be able to run it by heart . So , you do have a soul , life , and values ??. All that is done with the heart , will certainly run more smoothly .

3 . View reality
After imagining , back to reality . Should head in the sky , but the feet must remain planted on the earth . Start of who you ‘ve got , and do not compare with other people . If you are able to cook and the results favored the home , you open the talented catering . Or , patience to train children , able and trained to find solutions for children who are less focused learning ? Be a tutor and mentor .

4 . Create a Phased Plan
Begin to plan phased . Create the conditions of zero on one condition , always look forward . For example , do not have money but have the capital capacity . If you have the money $ 500 thousand and clever cook , what to do in order to produce more . Do it gradually , slowly , according to ability . If done correctly , eventually your profits will follow .

5 . Various stacking Plan
When the business started to walk , do not just have one plan only. Create also plans B , C , or D. For instance , after the open but empty stall , start thinking creatively and execute plan B. Do not wait for people to come , but must pick up the ball and offer more convenience . For example , providing service delivery service . If plan B is not yet succeeded , run the plan C , and so on .

6 . Create a Budget
If the business is already running , create a budget of expenses and income neatly . Separate between the income and expenditure of the husband or wife to pay everyday expenses , with results of operations . Instead, money is broken down into two bank accounts , and do not get into your wallet , so that is not wasteful , and easily see profits earned .
If you do not create a budget and only patchy, you will not be able to see the profits made . That there is , you just do not know if its a success or a failure. By making the right budget , errors that arise will be looking for the cause , and they can be fixed .

Business Houses in Malaysia and Singapore Fatigue, Indonesia so ‘Stars’ Properties

Global economic meltdown, prices in Singapore and Malaysia this year predicted sluggish. However, Indonesia will certainly be a player ‘stars’ properties in Southeast Asia.

“Indonesia is still likely to be the star player (property) in Southeast Asia with a growth rate consistent pricing across all segments of the housing market, rising 3.6% (yoy) and 0.8% (QoQ),” said Holt.

According to him, a positive reputation around Indonesia carried trillion dollars from the economy (in terms of purchasing power parity / purchasing power terms), stable economic growth, inflation well controlled, and the middle class in need of housing.

In his study, Knight Frank said the performance of the property market in Asia amid sluggish due to the debt crisis in Europe. China’s property market performance is estimated to be weakened if economic conditions continue to show a significant slowdown this year. The Chinese government will likely ease some regulatory policy tightening before going to boost property sales activity.

While in Malaysia, the growth rate is projected residential property prices stable in the coming months, but with the possibility of a slowdown until the end of 2012.

In Singapore, there is an additional supply of new housing is huge this year. But because there are many unsold property supply, the market price of residential property in Singapore is expected to continue to decline until the end of the year.

The Importance of AR Financing Services

Companies that provide accounts receivable financing, or AR financing, will offer services at different levels. Often you are expecting to receive services that compensate for the amount of money you are paying for the service. For this reason, you should ponder what is important for you and your business before choosing an A R factoring company. You should do a thorough investigation of which Commercial Financing Companies you would like to work with.

There are AR Financing firms of all kinds. There are the ones that charge low fees but provide bad service. If you choose low fees over service you may end up waiting on the phone for hours on end, or talk to someone that does not really care to solve your problem. The truth is, the reason why they offer low fees is because they have bad service. Good service is not a priority for them. This is why you should not compromise the quality of the service just for the low fees. The costs eventually add up and end up being much higher.

Fortunately, there are AR Financing firms that provide good service. These firms are usually smaller and more difficult to find because they may not advertise much. However, they may be your best option. Because they are small, they provide more personal assistance and are easy to reach. It is best to speak with a Commercial Finance Broker as they will know who is the best lenders for you type of business, plus most often they are paid by the lender so there is no additional costs to your company.

When your budget for AR Financing is limited, low fees can be enticing. Moreover, you are resorting to Financing because you want to increase cash flow not spend a lot. However, it is important to know that there is a price to small service that you may be overlooking. The companies that opt for the lower fees, are frequently disappointed of their decision specially when they are at the early stages of a long term or short term commitment. Here paying more, pays off.

Finally, it is important to point out that the process of selection an AR Financing company is not easy. We advise you to consider first the level of service you wish to have, the one you need, and the one you can afford and if the difference is only of a few dollars a month choose the one that provides the best service. You need to analyze carefully and look at all sides of the equation when making a decision if Factoring is ideal for you business.

Manufacturing data in the U.S. dragged Wall Street

Stocks on Wall Street fell slightly, but remained at its highest level since 2010. This happens because there are signs of economic weakness, the shadow market.

The S & P 500 is up 5.9 percent over the past three months as the Federal Reserve is ready to inject liquidity into the market, and stimulate their economies. This move has lifted the index 17 percent this year, and pushed the S & P to its best level in five years.

However, data businesses in the United States (U.S.) a disappointing showing contraction for the first time since 2009. More news to come from a weak manufacturing report and a sharp drop in U.S. durable goods orders last month.

The Dow Jones industrial average (DJI) fell 48.84 points, or 0.36 percent, to 13437.13. Index The Standard & Poor’s 500 (SPX) fell 6.48 points, or 0.45 percent, to 1440.67, and the Nasdaq Composite Index (IXIC) dropped 20.37 points, or 0.65 percent, to 3116.23.

But, in the third quarter, the Dow recorded an increase of 4.3 percent and the Nasdaq rose 6.2 percent. For September alone, the Dow rose 2.6 percent and the S & P 500 rose 2.4 percent, while the Nasdaq rose 1.6 percent.

The technology sector recorded the biggest gain in the S & P (PTSD), such as Accenture PLC (ACN.N) rose 7.1 percent to USD70, 03. After Accenture profit recorded values ??higher than analysts expected.

Trading volume was light observed with approximately 6.15 billion shares changed hands on the New York Stock Exchange, Amex and Nasdaq, compared with a daily average volume of 6.38 billion. Decliners outnumbered advancers on the NYSE by a ratio of 3:2, while on the Nasdaq, about two stocks fell for every one that rose.